About Us

The founder of DRQ Formula is an American physician who was introduced to an herbal remedy by chance, and, after receiving extremely positive results from its use, began exploring the world of herbal supplements. From his research, he found that the chemical compounds present in herbs and their extracts are extraordinarily effective and deduced that the primary difference between them and man-made drugs was that they were not produced artificially. Research and experience has shown that the use of natural substances can help avoid many of the severe side-effects which result from common drugs, such as NSAIDS, antibiotics and steroids; however, due to the great abundance and therefore relative inexpensiveness of natural products, they tend to not be favored by the pharmaceutical industry.

An abundance of research has been done on herbs worldwide and a multitude of beneficial properties have been discovered. Interestingly, the 'traditional' medicinal uses of herbs in various regions have been supported by this research, something which most mainstream physicians are unaware of. Our aim is to educate doctors, pharmacists, patients and members of the public about the existence of these excellent natural resources and to encourage their use alongside current treatment plans. The safety, efficacy, and tolerability of these herbs means that everyone can benefit from these extraordinary resources which have been used for centuries by people of all walks of life.

We are continually developing supplements in order to address a variety of needs. Please keep visiting our website for new products in the future.